Company Overview

LSNE is a contract manufacturing expert that has spent the past two decades helping pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies get their products into the clinic or onto the commercial market efficiently and cost-effectively.

Because of our extensive fill finish and lyophilization experience, we understand the challenges companies in your position face, from tight timelines to complicated processes. That’s why we make it our business to safeguard your development and commercialization projects by minimizing risks, and maximizing opportunities for success.

This means having the expertise to effectively oversee each step of the contract manufacturing process, and the robust infrastructure to complete every task smoothly and quickly. It also means giving your project the attention it deserves, no matter how large or small — as well as communicating clearly and working together seamlessly to reach your goals.

Tell us about the contract manufacturing challenges you face.
And we’ll focus on meeting them.

Company Summary
PCI Pharma Services
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(603) 668-5763
23 Commerce Drive
Bedford, NH