10 Surefire Ways to Blow an Interview
10 Surefire Ways to Blow an Interview

Interviews: They’re all about pressing the flesh or running for office, or a first date.  You are talking to a complete stranger.  Sweat comes out of glands you didn’t know you had.

Relax:  It’s probably easier to just blow them off.   If you want to know how to “blow” an interview, be sure to take any or all of the following actions:

  • Don’t prepare. Your intention to be spontaneous is important.  Let them talk about their company and what they do to see if you are interested. And as they are talking – act bored!

  • Show up early. Coming into the lobby 30 minutes ahead of time makes you the early bird that caught the worm, right?  You draw attention to yourself and they won’t forget you when you are picked up for loitering.

  • Take control of the interview. Let them know you are a “take charge” kind of person.  Don’t surrender, take the bull by the horns!

  • Tell them everything. You want them to know everything so they can hire all of you.  Ignore what they think is important.

  • Look down and look up. The answers to their questions are on the floor where you dropped your crib sheet or perhaps written on the ceiling.

  • Trash your old boss. Everyone in your group didn’t like him so it’s public knowledge, right?  You were right, right?

  • When in doubt bluff. If you don’t know the answer, give them something for crying out loud.

  • Show desperation. You really need this job because you have been out of work.  They can see it in your eyes.

  • Take notes throughout the interview. Show them that you have retained good note taking skills that you honed in school.  Writing notes in triplicate is a nice touch, and be sure to leave them a copy.

  • Don’t ask questions. Asking too many questions is annoying and makes you look stupid.  You are too smart to ask anything, right?


As a recruiter, I interviewed thousands of candidates.  I wish I could claim that I made up the recommendations above. Certainly exhibiting the opposite of each recommendation will enhance your Interviewing experience.