Company Overview
North Wind, Inc. is an award-winning small business leader founded in 1997. It serves as North Wind Group’s legacy company with over 18 years of experience. North Wind, Inc., established the foundation for the infrastructure, procedures, and processes administered by North Wind Group companies today. Comprised of multidisciplinary engineers, scientists, and construction personnel and the platform processes such as the Certified-ready EVMS, procurement, and integrated baseline system , the company offers the full range of environmental serviceswaste managementconstruction, and demolition services. Headquartered in Idaho Falls, Idaho, North Wind, Inc. operates across the U.S. to support Federal, State, and commercial customers and its sister subsidiaries. Its historical client base includes predominantly DOE, selected DoD agencies, and the commercial sector. North Wind, Inc. is a small disadvantaged business and Alaska Native Corporation.
Company Summary
North Wind Group
Number of Employees
(865) 556-4399
2800 Solway Road
Knoxville, TN