Company Overview

Hallmark Cards, Inc. believes that when you care enough, you can change the world. That’s why we are dedicated to creating a more emotionally connected world and making a difference in the lives of others.

Founded in 1910 by teenage entrepreneur J.C. Hall, and remaining a private company with family members on the board of directors today, Hallmark’s businesses employ approximately 27,000 worldwide and generate revenues of approximately $3.5 billion. Headquartered in Kansas City, Mo., Hallmark has a diverse portfolio of businesses.

While there are many ways to experience Hallmark, the experiences that matter most to the company are the ones our customers are able to share with their friends and loved ones. We strive each day to help those experiences – and those connections – come to life. In each of our businesses we aim to be good community partners, we believe embracing diversity and inclusion is the best way to understand and serve our employees and consumers, and we strive to be environmentally responsible. This all helps to fulfill our purpose of inspiring meaningful relationships and enhancing lives.

Our Vision

We will be the company that creates a more emotionally connected world by making a genuine difference in every life, every day.

We Believe

  1. That our products and services must enrich people’s lives.
  2. That creativity and quality – in our products, services and all that we do – are essential to our success.
  3. That innovation in all areas of our business is essential to attaining and sustaining leadership.
  4. That the people of Hallmark are our company’s most valuable resource.
  5. That distinguished financial performance is imperative to accomplish our broader purpose.
  6. That our private ownership must be preserved.

We Value

  • Excellence in all we do.
  • High standards of ethics and integrity.
  • Caring and responsible corporate citizenship for Kansas City and for each community in which we operate.


Hallmark believes in translating caring and creativity into action. This is at the core of the company culture and what drives the company as an employer of choice.

From caring about its employees and consumers to establishing a global creative community of more than 750 members producing new products every day, Hallmark is dedicated to creating a more emotionally connected world and making a difference in the lives of others.

Hallmark’s employees are the driving force behind its successful portfolio of businesses and their contributions enable the company to provide millions of dollars in cash and product donations to worthy causes each year. In addition, its employees provide tens of thousands of volunteer hours in the communities in which they operate.

Diversity & Inclusion
Diversity and inclusion play a vital part in what the company does by creating an environment where everyone can bring their full and authentic selves to work every day. Hallmark believes celebrating our differences is the best way to understand and serve its customers and to fulfill its purpose of inspiring meaningful relationships and enhancing lives.

Hallmark integrates diversity and inclusion into every aspect of its business, including hiring, vendor relationships, product creation and creating a welcoming work environment. Equally important is promoting awareness in the community.

Starting with the Hall family and extending across Hallmark’s portfolio of businesses, respect for all individuals is central to the company’s work and the lives employees lead. An example of this being put into practice at the company is the employee resource groups found throughout Hallmark including those for African Americans, Asian Americans, employees with disabilities, Latinxs, members of the LGBTQIA community, active military and veterans of the service, women, and young professionals.


Become part of a company with a clear purpose; Hallmark helps give voice to caring thoughts and emotions with tangible reminders of appreciation, celebration, belonging and love.

At Hallmark, we strive to make life more happy, more heartfelt, more entertaining, more surprising, more colorful, and more fun, by creating and innovating. Become part of a company that brings people together and strives to make a genuine difference in every life every day.

Company Summary
Hallmark Global
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(816) 545-2924
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