Company Overview
MasTec's greatest asset is our people. MasTec employees reflect the professionalism, experience and commitment to quality service that defines our culture.

We have a proud, 70-year history of working in a variety of environments and have adapted to evolving technologies to meet our customers' critical design and construction specifications and successfully complete jobs on time and on budget. More than a construction company, we specialize in providing skilled, high-demand services that ensure our customers' fiber optic networks, electric utility systems, home satellite services, natural gas pipelines, water and sewer systems and other critical infrastructure operate the first time, all the time.

We hire and retain professional managers, supervisors, foremen, equipment operators and workers who are motivated to work hard, work smart, and as part of a team. With more than 220 offices in nearly every state in the nation and part of Canada, MasTec employees have the opportunity to work in a variety of locations to serve the out-sourcing needs of North America's largest telecommunications and utility companies, as well as municipal the federal governments.

We train our employees to provide them with skills and knowledge to work safely and meet our customers' rigorous construction, installation and maintenance standards.

We offer clear pathways for advancement in our growing company. MasTec encourages and trains motivated and talented individuals to accept increased levels of responsibility in order to rise within the organization.

We are a growing company. With thousands of miles of power systems to be upgraded and built; tens of thousands of miles of water and sewer systems that need rebuilding; and hundreds of thousands of homes to be connected with fiber optic cable, MasTec's growth offers opportunities for qualified and motivated individuals.
Company Summary
MasTec Advanced Technologies
Number of Employees
500 or more
(305) 599-1800
(305) 795-8134
Corporate Headquarters
800 S. Douglas Road, 10th Floor
Coral Gables, FL